Education Apostolate

The dreams of Vimal Rani Province  came true  to an extend  on the formation of schools with different curriculum, which  is named in honour of the mother of Jesus Christ.  As years passes by through the portals of Vimal Rani, we humbly thank our patroness Mother Mary, our becon of light for the blessings showered on us .

Schools  under Vimal rani Province runs, with the lofty vision of imparting a progressive education for its students that suits the changing needs and aspirations of the country.

Vimal Rani province successfully   governs seven institutions in total, which constitutes three matric / higher secondary schools, One ICSE/ISC school, two ICSE schools and one UP School.

Names of Schools and date  of  Establishment

  • Vimala Bhavan U P School  Chittoor   – 1991
  • Nirmalamatha Convent Matric. Hr. Sec. School , Kuniamuthur – 1993
  • Nirmalamatha Convent Matri.Hr. Sec  school Podannur    – 2000
  • Nirmalamatha Convnet Matri. School  Erode – 2000
  • Nirmalamatha Convent School (ICSE/ISC) Malampuzha – 2005
  • Nirmalamatha Convent School(ICSE) Kuniamuthur – 2012
  • Nirmalamatha Convnt School (ICSE) Podannur – 2012

Enduring the motto “Darkness to Light”, the schools excels to unveil the darkness of  Ignorance from the young minds and to enligten them with the light of knowledge.

Aiming and steering towards the total development of the children as a better individual and talented future  citizens, the schools under the province provide a wide platform for the spiritual and intellectual development of the children. In order to enrich their learning curve the children are provided oppourtunities to involve themselves in co-curricular activities,sports that goes hand in hand with their academics.The feel of oneness is instilled in them by the concept of groups.  They work in unison  under their group towards excellence. The groups Sathya, Gyana, karma &  Prema  , as their name implies instils these basis values deep in them.

Sathya   declares  Truth always triumphs

Gyana  affirms  Knowledge is divine

Prema proclaims  Love is pure

Karma asserts  Devotion to duty

The students are found to set milestone with their  excellence and extraordinary performance in their academics and have brought honours like state ranks, scholarships from British council, Indian Council  etc.

To instill spiritually and Christian values. Every school arrange Retreats, daily rosary, Holy Mass on first Friday, Bible week celebration, Christmas, Nirmalites day  etc

Every Year Vimal Rani province  , Palakkad organize seminars for all teaching staff under one umbrella and “a day out”  programme for non teaching staff ,  through which oneself is being created.

The milestones of the schools in total keeps propelling……

Education breeds confidence,

Confidence breeds hope,

Hope breeds peace