Nirmala Matha[ICSE], Vellalore

Our school was started on 11th June 2012 with an inaugural function of the launch of new ICSE syllabus. We started with 150 students and 10 teaching and non-teaching staffs and Rev. Sr. Teena was the former principal in the year 2012-2013 and the classes from Grade I to Grade IV. The special activities that was offered were Edu.Comp (Visualising class), Edu. Sports (Physical activities), Dance, Yoga, Karate, Music, Art & Craft, Brainbay ( Mental Maths ) etc…

In 2013-2014, Mrs. Jayanthi Prabakaran was appointed as the new Principal of our institution. During the academic year 2014 – 2015 we have 120 students, 12 teaching and non-teaching staff from LKG, Grade I to Grade V. This year we introduced Communicative English, Rifle shooting and Abacus classes. We drop down the Edu.sports in this year.

Rev. Sr. Sissy SABS took charge as a Principal for the academic year 2015- 2016. This year the strength is as following, 150 students, 13 teaching and non-teaching staff from classes LKG to Grade VI. Special classes offered were Rifle shooting and Abacus.

Now (2016-2017) the school is running under the principal ship of Rev. Sr. Soumya SABS with 182 students and 15 teaching and non-teaching staff from LKG to Grade VII. This year we introduced Aero Modelling and Skating. The present strength of the school is 182 students, 15 teaching and non teaching staff from LKG to Grade VII.